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An Everyday Story

What’s the difference between a project and a theme? I mentionedrecentlythat I had been talking with a friend about projects; what is a project? How do you go about starting one? How is it different to a theme?

I can only speak from my experience with Jack (3.5yrs) but the main difference, and most important, is that a project is entirely child-initiated and child-led. It follows an undetermined course, changing and evolving according to the child’s interests. A project has no time frame, it continues until the child’s interests have peaked and naturally shift to something else; possibly an off-shoot of the original project or a different subject entirely.

A theme is, in my experience, a predetermined subject, like dinosaurs or transport, where the activities within that theme are largely chosen by the adult and presented to the child. There is generally a sequence of activities which move…

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